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Delivering top-tier Medical Cannabis evaluations in Florida and Mississippi. 

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Medical Cannabis Evaluations in Florida & Mississippi.

Our dedication lies in delivering top-tier medical cannabis evaluations in Florida and Mississippi. Rooted in evidence-based care and individualized therapeutic strategies, we ensure each patient receives the most suitable care and tailored approach to cannabis medicine. We address the unique medicinal, physiological, and lifestyle requirements of every individual. Central to our philosophy is fostering genuine doctor-patient relationships, emphasizing trust, transparent communication, and a personalized treatment plan. Our unwavering commitment extends beyond evaluations, prioritizing holistic health, patient education, and overall wellbeing.

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Personalized Cannabis Evaluations

Our clinic specializes in offering tailored medical marijuana evaluations, ensuring each patient’s unique needs are comprehensively addressed.

Strong Doctor-Patient Relationships

We prioritize genuine interactions and trust between doctors and patients, believing that effective cannabis care stems from understanding and collaboration.

Commitment to Your Wellbeing

Beyond just evaluations, our focus is on the holistic health and overall wellbeing of our patients, emphasizing safe, effective, and informed medical cannabis use.


Medical Cannabis Evaluations on the Gulf Coast

Conveniently located across the Gulf Coast, our offices are at the forefront of medical cannabis care. From Pensacola and Marianna, Florida to the heart of Biloxi, Mississippi, our healthcare network is designed for accessibility and exceptional evaluations. We’re committed to delivering outstanding care throughout the region.

Florida Locations:
– 22 N. Tarragona St., Pensacola, Florida
– 4374 Lafayette St., Marianna, Florida

Mississippi Location:
– 2756 Fernwood Rd, Biloxi, Mississippi

*Please note: Services may vary by location based on available providers.*

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Top-tier medical cannabis evaluations in Florida and Mississippi.

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